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Clover is a new generation system, launched in Australia in late 1998, and widely embraced by the design community and the corporate client. It is cost-effective, well-designed and durable. It is not a panel system, and it is not a desk based system, it is a post and bracket system. The Clover workstation has a basic kit of parts which can be added, removed or reconfigured.

The main area that sets Clover apart from its competitors is the ability to cantilever the tops and thus remove the need for leg supports, creating more flexibility for the user.

The features of the Clover system include:

  • Height adjustable worktops, 680mm to 790mm range (technician assisted).
  • Modular post heights with 320mm panels, which allows standard 1040mm, 1200mm, 1360mm and 1680mm heights. Non-standard heights are possible.
  • Screen sizes - standard modules are 320mm, 445mm or 640mm. They can be varied in size if required.
  • Screens can be acrylic, fabric, pinboard, Echopanel or perforated metal.
  • Worktops are custom made and can be a wide range of sizes and finishes - generally 33mm
  • Very quick and simple assembly.
  • Suitable for wheelchair users, the system has DDA compliance.
  • 85% Australian manufacture.
  • Can be a bench design, a corner configuration or 120 degree workstation.
  • Range of accessories available for paper management and storage.
  • Powder coat colour - Nickel Grey (standard) or white (longer leadtime).

Over 500,000 Clover workstations exist internationally in Europe, UK, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia, amongst others.

ESD Clover has full 7 points with Greenstar

GECA approved

Warranty: 10 years
Lead Time: 4-6 weeks
*Lead time is subject to final colours and finishes

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