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Designed specifically for people who work for hours at computers, Embody is the first work chair that benefits both mind and body. Because movement promotes blood and oxygen flow, which keeps the brain more focused and functional. Embody will move you.

The back of the chair looks like a spine? Entirely intentional. Embody's instinctive back adapts to your movement, adjusting automatically to your shifting positions, keeping your spine aligned and healthy. Whether you lean forward or recline, your lower back support remains constant—no adjustments needed.

The narrow backrest lets your arms move unimpeded, adding comfort and encouraging additional air movement into the lungs to feed your brain.

One chair size fits every body. Embody automatically adapts to the wide variation in the sizes, shapes, postures, and spinal curves of different people. Seat depth adjusts to different thigh lengths; armrest motions fit the broadest ranges.

The facility in which Embody chairs are made produces about one trash can of landfill waste a month, 77 pounds. None of that waste is hazardous. The facility uses nothing but renewable energy. Made of 42% recycled content, the Embody chair contains no PVCs; at the end of its lifecycle, 95% of Embody can be recycled.

Warranty: 12 year, 24/7 warranty
GreenTag Level A
AFRDI Level 6
150kg weight rated

Lead time: Regular Stocked Item -all black finsh
*Lead time is subject to final colours and finishes

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