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Capelli Stool 

Pondering her new project—build a better stool—designer Carol Catalano noticed her own entwined fingers and had her answer. The Capelli stool is two identical plywood pieces, each with undulating "fingers" at the top that interlock without tools or fasteners. It's an ingeniously stable and graceful structure that's pleasant to sit on and simply beautiful to look at.

Two moulded plywood pieces fit together to form the Capelli stool. The surfaces between the "fingers" at the top of each piece meet and become stops that hold each half of the stool firmly in place.

Composed of alternating dark- and light-stained hardwood inner plies and light ash veneer.

And here's the surprise: You can unfold the stool into its two halves, which can be stacked together for easy storage.

This is an indent item on a 10-14 week lead time

5 year warranty

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