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Nelson Swag Chair Leg 

Herman Miller decided to reintroduce the classic Nelson swag leg group because the retro yet modern chairs, tables, and desks have the look, scale, and function that are just right for today. The chair design is stylish, elegant, and—although 50 years old—completely contemporary. It goes nicely with the swag leg desk and tables, and this classic design is also at home with other furniture, modern or traditional.

Herman Miller named this furniture for the process that created the distinctive legs because designer George Nelson started with this idea: "Wouldn't it be beautiful to have some kind of sculptured leg on a piece of furniture?" How could that be done without wood and hand-carving tools? Using pressure to taper and curve a metal tube—the process called swaging—proved a success.

George Nelson used separate pieces for the seat and back and glued them together, so the swag leg chair can flex with the sitter. A slit between the seat and back helps prevent heat buildup. Wide, flat arms provide a comfortable place to rest forearms.

Available in Black, White and Grey. Or a mixture of two. With a polished or powder coated base.
This is an indent item on a 10-14 week lead time

5 year warranty
GreenTag Level A
136kg weight rated

For residential enquiries please contact sub-dealer Aptos Cruz on (08) 8370 9011

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