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Swoop Chair 

Swoop in and connect with others. Sit, sprawl, lie down. Throw your leg over a chair arm while you work, talk, or just relax. Traditional lounge furniture inhibits movement. Swoop encourages it. A modular system that lets you position a table or ottoman here or there, wherever it works best at the moment, Swoop takes the edge off lounge furniture.

Swoop encourages movement. The sweeping curves of the modular components accommodate all kinds of sitting styles—in offices, public spaces, college common areas. Formal, casual, in-between.

Swoop was designed on the basis of this idea: The way you sit is part of who you are. It's personal. Upright, legs crossed, reading a magazine. Feet up, laptop at the ready. Scrunched down a bit, with coffee. Swoop delivers flexible comfort to spaces where people connect.

One of our goals in designing Swoop was to make connecting you to technology and to other people as comfortable as possible. That's why so many configuration options are built in.

Freestanding tables can work as stools and as desks. You can even slide a table surface over a chair armrest. Pieces can be ganged or left freestanding. Make a sofa out of a run of chairs, or break up the seating bench with same-height tables. Choose a table that has power outlets built in for easy connectivity.

Lounge chairs with arms, lounge chairs without. Plywood chairs with metal legs. High tables, low tables. A couple of ottoman styles. Lots of different pieces.

But they're more than just pieces of good-looking furniture. They work together in countless different ways. With the same number of Swoop components, you can create entirely different spaces. The pieces are modular and lightweight, you can move them around with ease.

In today's world, versatility is essential because nothing stays the same for long. Swoop suits your style with an extensive range of fabrics, upholstery, veneers, laminates, and colors to suit environments ranging from classic to expressive.

It's the perfect soft seating solution for the private offices, higher education facilities, libraries, and lobbies of today and tomorrow.

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